11th Annual St.George's Junior Chess Tournament 2017

11th Annual St.George's Junior Chess Tournament 2017                     88 registrations so far (Update Nov. 18)

At St-George's Junior School [3851 29th Av. Vancouver]
near Dunbar and 29th

on Saturday December 02nd, 2017

Fee: $22
Pre-registration only. Deadline is Wednesday November 29th

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11th Annual St.George`s Junior Chess Tournament

Five round Swiss system (each player play 5 games)                

Games start at 10:15a.m. The tournament will end before 3;00p.m

If you want to attend the tournament but you can't make it for 10:15am, just tell me
the time you can start and it should be ok. (Bye available)

5 sections                                     PRIZES
Section A (Grade 6 and 7)
Section B (Grade 5) Top 3 players in each section
Section C (Grade 4) get TROPHY + Chess medal for 4th
                                                        Participation prize for everyone
Section D (Grade 3)
Section E (Grade 2) Info:   Luc 778-846-0496 wcjchess@hotmail.com

The final results will be posted at  wcjc.blogspot.com the next day.

North Shore Junior Chess Club

Chess Junior Club at the West Vanc. Rec. Centre on Tuesday

Info chessinschool@yahoo.com (Luc Poitras National Chess Monster, I mean Master) 778.846.0496
WINTER schedule 2018
Chess on Tuesday in  W.V. 
Starting Tuesday January 23th at the West Vanc. Rec centre on Marine and 22nd, Chess for Kids (G2 and up) 6:20pm to 7:30pm for 6 Tuesdays.  Fee $45 -  or $10 drop-in.
We meet on the main floor in the Youth Lounge or in the basement at the Art room. (Last meeting: Feb. 27)
FALL schedule 2017
Chess on Tuesday in  W.V. 
Starting Tuesday October 03rd at the West Vanc. Rec centre on Marine and 22nd, Chess for Kids (G2 and up) 6:20pm to 7:30pm for 7 Tuesdays.  Fee $55 -  or $10 drop-in.
We meet on the main floor in the Youth Lounge. (Last meeting: Nov. 21)

What to expect from the chess club ? The chess club gives an opportunity to kids to play chess against other kids under the supervition from one or two instructors. Group lessons are given through an electronic screen. Beginner and more advanced players get lessons according to their level of understanding. Puzzles are weekly given to each student tailor on their skill.


Congratulation to Alex, a member of the WV Chess Club finishing 2nd at the Vancouver Regional on Sunday Jan. 15 2017

Hello, myself (Luc) and my chess associates are ready for an other exciting chess season (2016-17). Hopefully you will join my chess club. Fun guaranteed but I can`t guaranteed the checkmates.

Elementary Team Chess Tournament on May 12 2018


                          Come Join The Most Friendly Chess Tournament Of The Year !

An elementary Chess School Team Tournament in Vancouver 
(grades 1-7) will occur at St-George`s on Saturday May 12th, 2018

This event is open to any schools in BC and a school can enter  1 to 2 teams.

 A team must have a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 5 players.
Each school will select 4 players from their Team to play in each match.

Players representing their team must come from the same school. Each school
may register a maximum of 1 Team in section '"A" and 1 Team in section "B"
 The section "A" is the strongest section.  Each team play a total of 5 matches.

If a school register only one team , that team must register in section "A" unless
all the participants are G4 or younger. If one player in the team is G5 or older , the
team must register in section "A"

The first match starts at 10:15 a.m and the event should end around 4:00pm
Space is limited, secure a spot with an early registration.

The cost per team is  $60 if paid by Monday May 8th.  $75 on site Saturday morning.
Please make a cheque for  'WestCoast Junior Chess'
Send your team information and payment to :

LOCATION: St.George`s Junior School 3851 West 29th Avenue, Vancouver V6S 1T6

PRIZES: Individual trophy for the top 4 teams in section A + an annual for the best school team. Individual trophy or medal for the top 2 teams in section B

To register, a school must first send me an email to confirm a spot at wcjchess@hotmail.com (Luc)