North Shore Junior Chess Championship 2018

54 brave young chess players from the North Shore participated in the North Shore Junior Chess Championship 2018 at Ridgeview school.

For a 4th year in a row , the school host Ridgeview finished 1st follow by West Bay, Chartwell, Brooksbank, Westcot and Pauline Johnson

Individual results

Grade 6//7
1. Josh Yahav (Brooksbank) 2nd Farbod Ahmadi (Hollyburn) 3rd Seena Nemati (Ridgeview) 4th Aidan Guo (Chartwell)

Grade 4/5
1. Andre Dossa (Ridgeview) 2nd Tom Dai (Chartwell) 3rd Miles Hu (Ridgeview)  4th Alan Chen (Deep Cove)

Grade 3
1. Andrew Kim (West Bay) 2nd Wyatt Gitts (West Bay) 3rd Cole Henderson (Brooksbank) 4th James Stewart (Westcot)

Grade 1/2
1.Dorsa Shaeri (Ridgeview) 2nd Keon Roboubi (Pauline Johnson) 3rd Paul Yu (Chartwell) 4th Justin Guan (Chartwell)

North Shore Junior Chess Club

Chess Junior Club at the West Vanc. Rec. Centre on Tuesday

Info (Luc Poitras National Chess Monster, I mean Master) 778.846.0496
SPRING schedule 2018
Chess on Tuesday in  W.V. 
Starting Tuesday April 10th at the West Vanc. Rec centre on Marine and 22nd, Chess for Kids (G2 and up) 6:20pm to 7:30pm for 6 Tuesdays.  Fee $45 -  or $10 drop-in.
We meet on the main floor in the Youth Lounge or in the basement at the Art room. (Last meeting: May 15th)

What to expect from the chess club ? The chess club gives an opportunity to kids to play chess against other kids under the supervition from one or two instructors. Group lessons are given through an electronic screen. Beginner and more advanced players get lessons according to their level of understanding. Puzzles are weekly given to each student tailor on their skill.



Hello, myself (Luc) and my chess associates are ready for an other exciting chess season (2017-18). Hopefully you will join my chess club. Fun guaranteed but I can`t guaranteed the checkmates.

Elementary Team Chess Tournament on May 12 2018


                          Come Join The Most Friendly Chess Tournament Of The Year !

An elementary Chess School Team Tournament in Vancouver 
(grades 1-7) will occur at St-George`s on Saturday May 12th, 2018

This event is open to any schools in BC and a school can enter  1 to 2 teams.

 A team must have a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 5 players.
Each school will select 4 players from their Team to play in each match.

Players representing their team must come from the same school. Each school
may register a maximum of 1 Team in section '"A" and 1 Team in section "B"
 The section "A" is the strongest section.  Each team play a total of 5 matches.

If a school register only one team , that team must register in section "A" unless
all the participants are G4 or younger. If one player in the team is G5 or older , the
team must register in section "A"

The first match starts at 10:15 a.m and the event should end around 4:00pm
Space is limited, secure a spot with an early registration.

The cost per team is  $60 if paid by Monday May 8th.  $75 on site Saturday morning.
Please make a cheque for  'WestCoast Junior Chess'
Send your team information and payment to :

LOCATION: St.George`s Junior School 3851 West 29th Avenue, Vancouver V6S 1T6

PRIZES: Individual trophy for the top 4 teams in section A + an annual for the best school team. Individual trophy or medal for the top 2 teams in section B

To register, a school must first send me an email to confirm a spot at (Luc)


        2018 SUMMER CHESS CAMPS FOR KIDS                (In West Vancouver)

                Chess Is The Game Of Kings And The King Of Games !                   

Come join National Chess Master Luc Poitras for an unique friendly                    
group chess experience. Luc originally from Montreal has been involved                    
with chess for over 20 years. Luc has developed a teaching technic                    
blending old traditional teaching style with new technology to help the                    
young students to stay alert, interested and motivated.                   

The program is offer to any kids from age 7 and up.  

The Cost is $135 per Camp.
For each camp, 2 to 4 certified chess instructors on site.
Camps are :

July 16-20    (1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.) -
 August 13-17 (9am to noon)  

at 851 West Queens Ave Road North Vanc. (Delbrook centre)

To register or for some info please  email me: or don`t hesitate to call me, I will be happy to answer any questions. (Luc) 778.846.0496  

Information needed when sending the registration by email:
Name of the child (male or female/email/phone number
Birthday and age
Phone number for emergency
Indicate the camp you wish to register the child:

Each camp provide between 2 to 4 certified chess instructors on site.

Please mention with the email any extra informations such allergies,medical or others

Payment can be done by sending a cheque payable to "West Coast Junior Chess".
Email me for more information.

West Vancouver Summer Chess Camp
Luc Poitras

Full reimbursement for any cancellation after the payment done if cancel 8 days prior of the starting day otherwise a charge of 40% fee will apply.

11th Annual St.George's Junior Chess Tournament (Results)

Standings. St.Georges Junior 2017: Grade 6&7 (19 players)
# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Aiden Zhou W18 W10 W7 W6 W4 5.0
2 Edward Jeong W16 W12 L6 W7 W9 4.0
3 Lyndon Ho L7 W16 W12 W11 W6 4.0
4 Calvin Wong D5 W14 W9 W10 L1 3.5
5 Samuel Bi D4 L9 W15 W17 W10 3.5
6 Mike Zhu W19 W11 W2 L1 L3 3.0
7 Justin Jin W3 W13 L1 L2 W11 3.0
8 Jordan Liu L13 W17 L10 W15 W12 3.0
9 Derek Wei H--- W5 L4 W14 L2 2.5
10 Terry Gao W15 L1 W8 L4 L5 2.0
11 Hadden Wong W17 L6 W13 L3 L7 2.0
12 Austin Lee W14 L2 L3 W13 L8 2.0
13 Maxwell Cook W8 L7 L11 L12 W19 2.0
14 Gilbert Gu L12 L4 W16 L9 W17 2.0

Standings. St.Georges Junior 2017: Grade 5 (20 players)
# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Raymond Zhang W3 D4 W9 W6 W7 4.5
2 Benjamin Cook Nagy W14 L7 W17 W9 W4 4.0
3 Ian Qiu L1 W15 W8 W12 W6 4.0
4 Veronica Guo W15 D1 W10 W5 L2 3.5
5 Kevin Pi W10 D9 W7 L4 W13 3.5
6 Noah Law W16 W17 W11 L1 L3 3.0
7 Stanley Wu W18 W2 L5 W11 L1 3.0
8 Kevin Lee W20 L11 L3 W14 W12 3.0
9 Jerry Song W13 D5 L1 L2 W16 2.5
10 Tom Dai L5 W14 L4 D16 W11 2.5
11 Jayden Guan W12 W8 L6 L7 L10 2.0
12 Joshua Voo L11 W20 W16 L3 L8 2.0
13 Daniel Felzman L9 L16 W20 W17 L5 2.0
14 Roy Li L2 L10 W15 L8 W20 2.0
15 Jason Song L4 L3 L14 W20 W17 2.0

Standings. St.Georges Junior 2017: Grade 4 (18 players)
# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Eric Jiang W19 W9 W5 W3 W4 5.0
2 Andrew Chen W8 D4 W9 W10 W5 4.5
3 Jason Chen W15 W7 W6 L1 W9 4.0
4 Vincent Guo W12 D2 W8 W6 L1 3.5
5 Hayden Lee W13 W11 L1 W7 L2 3.0
6 Edison Harm W14 W16 L3 L4 W11 3.0
7 Andre Dossa W10 L3 W12 L5 W13 3.0
8 Donovan Wong L2 W17 L4 W14 W10 3.0
9 Daniel Lim W17 L1 L2 W12 L3 2.0
10 Alan Chen L7 W13 W14 L2 L8 2.0
11 Julian Dillon W18 L5 L16 W15 L6 2.0
12 Jakob Peng L4 W15 L7 L9 W16 2.0
13 Cole Dirassar L5 L10 W18 W16 L7 2.0
14 Adrian Wong L6 W18 L10 L8 W17 2.0
15 Arish Hussain L3 L12 W17 L11 W18 2.0

Standings. St.Georges Junior 2017: Grade 3 (20 players)
# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Alex Jin W17 W7 W4 W3 W2 5.0
2 Drake Chen W19 W6 W5 W7 L1 4.0
3 Ethan Lam W14 W13 W18 L1 W5 4.0
4 Leonard Zhou W12 W16 L1 W10 W6 4.0
5 Jacky Tang W11 W9 L2 W13 L3 3.0
6 Osborn Song W8 L2 W15 W9 L4 3.0
7 Brian Shao W10 L1 W14 L2 W13 3.0
8 Willem Urban L6 W22 L13 W18 W14 3.0
9 Charlie Young W22 L5 W19 L6 D10 2.5
10 Andrew Kim L7 W12 W16 L4 D9 2.5
11 Jock Ross L5 L14 W22 W19 D15 2.5
12 Sophie Qin L4 L10 W17 D15 W18 2.5
13 Felix Zhou W20 L3 W8 L5 L7 2.0
14 Marcus Chan L3 W11 L7 W16 L8 2.0
15 Shiddat Sangha D18 D19 L6 D12 D11 2.0
16 Allan Crawford W21 L4 L10 L14 W22 2.0
17 Michael Zhao L1 L18 L12 W22 W19 2.0

Standings. St.Georges Junior 2017: Grade 2 (20 players)
# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Codrin Pompas W18 W8 W11 W3 W2 5.0
2 William Jiang W20 W18 W7 W4 L1 4.0
3 Ryan Yu W12 D4 W5 L1 W8 3.5
4 Matthew Kofmansky W22 D3 W9 L2 W13 3.5
5 Dorsa Shaeri W14 D9 L3 W19 W7 3.5
6 Allen Li W13 L11 D15 W9 W10 3.5
7 Ohim Samji W16 W15 L2 D8 L5 2.5
8 Anson Yu W19 L1 W16 D7 L3 2.5
9 Princeton Chau W21 D5 L4 L6 W18 2.5
10 Nikan Fakhari L11 W22 D13 W12 L6 2.5
11 Logan Okamura W10 W6 L1 U--- U--- 2.0
12 Tim Charles L3 W14 D17 L10 D16 2.0
13 Ocean Wang L6 D17 D10 W16 L4 2.0
14 Max Wang L5 L12 D18 W22 D19 2.0

Provincial Elementary School Team Chess Ch. 2017 (Results)

Provincial Elementary School Team Chess Ch. 2017 (Results)

St.George's facing Malborough at round 3
1st St.George`s 17.5 points (Champion for a 7th time)
2nd Malborough 16 points
3rd Suncrest 12.5 points

4th Summit 12.0 5th Erma Stephensen 11.5 6th Ridgeview and Whiteside 9.5 8th York House and Vancouver Christian 8.5 10th Taylor Park 8.0  11th Panorama Height 7 points 12th John Knox 6.0 13th Walton and Pinetree Way 5.0

1st Malborough 15 points
2nd St.George`s B 14.5 
3rd Summit 9.0 4th St.George`s C 8.5 5th Panorama Height 5.0

North Shore Chess Championship 2017

Here the results of this exciting chess tournament on Friday March 31 at Ridgeview school for elementary kids.

Section A (Grade5/6/7) 16 players

1st Edward Jeong (Canyon Height)
2nd Justin Jin (Ridgeview)
3rd Oliver Kiff (Dorothy Lynas)
Tied 4th Seena Nemati (Ridgeview), Nikita Kurtynin (Gleneagles), Kaz Jordan (PJ), Aidan Guo (Chartwell)

Section B (Grade 4)  14 players

1st Tom Dai (Chartwell)
2nd Jerry Song (West Bay)
3rd Ewan Mick (Capilano)
4thJason Song (West Bay)
Tied 5th Miles Hu (Ridgeview), Jaydan Guan (Chartwell)

Section C (Primary)  22 players

1st Alexandre Jin (Ridgeview )
2nd James Zheng (Westcot)
3rd Benjamin Navarette (West Bay)
Tied 4th Anthony Whitting (Westcot), Alan Chen (Cove)
Tied 5th Julian Dillon, Cole Dirassar, Hudson Butterworth (Cypress), Steven Su (Highland), Arman Nabi (Collingwood)

Best schools

1st Ridgeview (Champion for a 3rd year)
2nd West Bay
3rd Chartwell
4th Cypress and Westcot

Donald Trump is about to CHECKMATE all chess players


DONALD TRUMP is PLANNING to BAN CHESS IN the UNITED STATES and soon all over North America !

On Tweeter, Donald tweets as Chess is originally from the Middle East, it should not had ever be imported in North America. Chess is a representation of war which encourage terrorists all over the world. If the world is so corrupted, you can put blame on this EVIL game.

First offence to be caught playing chess: One week in jail with recording of speech by Donald Trump all day.

10th Annual St.George's Junior Chess 2016 (results)

Standings. 10th Annual: Grade6-7
# Name                                                                Tot
1 Aiden Zhou                 W8 W2 W6 W4 W5       5.0
2 Nathan Boesmra W16 L1 W13 W7 W4 4.0
3 Matt He           L4 W14 W12 W9 W8               4.0
4 Thidas Loku W3 W7 W5 L1 L2                       3.0
5 Jordan Liu W10 W11 L4 W6 L1                        3.0
6 Austin Lee W9 W12 L1 L5 W14                       3.0
7 Joyce Chan W14 L4 W8 L2 W13                       3.0
8 Gilbert Gu L1 W10 L7 W12 L3                          2.0
9 Keyon Kaboly L6 L13 W14 L3 W12                 2.0
10 Jasper He L5 L8 B--- B--- U---                        2.0
11 Lucas Stolba W15 L5 H--- U--- U---              1.5
12 William Pryer W13 L6 L3 L8 L9                   1.0
13 Coco Kesselman L12 W9 L2 L14 L7 1.0
14 Matthew Lee L7 L3 L9 W13 L6                   1.0

Standings. 10th Annual: Grade5
# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Borna Amjadi W6 W9 W8 W3 W4 5.0
2 Will Wu L9 W7 W10 W8 W5 4.0
3 Daniel Tong W7 D4 W9 L1 W8 3.5
4 Edward Jeong W11 D3 D5 W6 L1 3.0
5 Oliver Kiff H--- W12 D4 W11 L2 3.0
6 Kiran Sun L1 W11 W13 L4 W9 3.0
7 Seena Nemati L3 L2 W12 W13 W15 3.0
8 Justin Jin W13 W10 L1 L2 L3 2.0
9 Calvin Boersma W2 L1 L3 W10 L6 2.0
10 Jamie Gotts W15 L8 L2 L9 W13 2.0
11 John Leung L4 L6 W15 L5 W12 2.0
12 George Sun H--- L5 L7 W15 L11 1.5
13 Kaden Li L8 W15 L6 L7 L10 1.0
15 Kelvin Chan L10 L13 L11 L12 L7 0.0

Standings. 10th Annual: Grade4
# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Stanley Wu W8 W12 W2 W4 W5 5.0
2 Veronica Guo W3 W11 L1 W10 W4 4.0
3 Tom Dai L2 D16 W14 W15 W7 3.5
4 Ian Qiu W13 W5 W6 L1 L2 3.0
5 Jerry Song W15 L4 W8 W6 L1 3.0
6 Kevin Lee W7 W10 L4 L5 W16 3.0
7 Jayden Guan L6 W14 W16 W11 L3 3.0
8 Noah Law L1 W9 L5 W13 W10 3.0
9 Jason Song L11 L8 W15 W12 W13 3.0
10 Zainab Ansari W14 L6 W12 L2 L8 2.0
11 Ewan Mick W9 L2 W13 L7 L15 2.0
12 Caleb Quon W16 L1 L10 L9 W14 2.0
13 Jacob Dhrolias L4 W15 L11 L8 L9 1.0
14 Henry Elgie L10 L7 L3 W16 L12 1.0
15 Austin Liu L5 L13 L9 L3 W11 1.0
16 Miles Hu L12 D3 L7 L14 L6 0.5

Standings. 10th Annual: Grade3
# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Vincent Guo W14 W3 W2 W4 W5 5.0
2 Eric Jiang W13 W10 L1 W6 W4 4.0
3 Andrew Chen W6 L1 W7 D5 W11 3.5
4 Jason Chen W11 W7 W5 L1 L2 3.0
5 Simon Wang W8 W11 L4 D3 L1 2.5
6 James Zheng L3 W14 W10 L2 D7 2.5
7 Edison Harm W9 L4 L3 W12 D6 2.5
8 Eric Liu L5 D9 W12 L11 W10 2.5
9 Gianna Lee L7 D8 L11 W14 W13 2.5
10 Donovan Wong W12 L2 L6 W13 L8 2.0
11 Henry Mao L4 L5 W9 W8 L3 2.0
12 Henry Sarabun L10 W13 L8 L7 W14 2.0
13 Jakob Peng L2 L12 W14 L10 L9 1.0
14 Sean Petit L1 L6 L13 L9 L12 0.0

Standings. 10th Annual: Grade2
# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Drake Chen W9 W15 W10 W2 W3 5.0
2 Alexandre Jin W7 W4 W5 L1 W12 4.0
3 Brian Shao W11 D10 W8 W7 L1 3.5
4 Jacky Tang W13 L2 W9 W6 D5 3.5
5 Ethan Lam W16 W6 L2 D10 D4 3.0
6 Jason Pak W18 L5 W15 L4 W16 3.0
7 Osborn Song L2 W13 W11 L3 W10 3.0
8 Asher Rentz D15 W18 L3 D11 D9 2.5
9 Alina Yuan L1 W12 L4 W16 D8 2.5
10 Bradley Li W12 D3 L1 D5 L7 2.0
11 Willem Urban L3 W16 L7 D8 D13 2.0
12 Joshua Ong L10 L9 W13 W15 L2 2.0
13 Michael Zhao L4 L7 L12 W18 D11 1.5
15 Zayd Abrahams D8 L1 L6 L12 D18 1.0
16 Markus Kusumoto L5 L11 W18 L9 L6 1.0
18 Taran Dhaliwal L6 L8 L16 L13 D15 0.5


Chess Champions Feb 2014.jpg

Studies in cognitive neuroscience indicate that the game of chess has a number of cognitive benefits in children.  An exercise of infinite possibilities for the mind, chess develops mental abilities used throughout life.  Some cognitive benefits of the game of chess include:
Chess boosts brain power in kids
Chess has shown to enhance the analytical, critical thinking, and visualization skills of students in elementary through high school….and did you know that the skills of students in the third grade were particularly impacted?  This is attributed to the rapid development of children in these age groups.
Chess improves IQ
One study revealed that children who took chess classes for 4 ½ months increased their IQ points.  Researchers attributed this to the concentration and logical thinking called for in the game.

Chess enhances arithmetic skills
Chess play has also been linked to the improvement of a child’s mathematical skills. These results have been attributed to the influence of chess on perceptual ability, which is a child’s capacity to deal and provide meaning to sensory stimulus.  As well, other studies reveal that objective reasoning, or the ability to think a few steps ahead, as the major reason why chess players demonstrate proficiency in math.
Chess hones verbal skills
So how does chess enhance verbal skills, despite the absence of words or verbal communication in the game?  One researcher believed that chess improves verbal skills since it utilizes all the abilities of an individual, or faculties of the mind (mathematical and administrative-directional tasks) whenever the game is played. Interesting result!
Chess sharpens critical thinking skills
It is not surprising that studies indicated enhancement of a child’s  critical thinking and good judgment skills with the playing of chess.
Chess boosts emotional intelligence and psycho-social skills
Intelligence is not merely measured by IQ points; emotional intelligence plays a big role as well.  Emotional Intelligence, or EI, is defined as the person’s ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions. Regardless of race and socioeconomic status, chess has been shown to improve EI as well as psycho-social skills.
Chess works because it is self-motivating.  The game has fascinated humans for almost 2000 years, and through the goals of attach and defense culminating in checkmate, the game calls for mental acuity and perceptiveness among many other skills. 
Congratulations to our Ridgeview Chess Team for their recent second place finish at the North Shore Regional Tournament. Ridgeview teammates include:  grade 6 students Jeremy, Noel, May, Philip, and Naomi and grade 4 student Brendan.  Congratulations to all!